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Our Commitment


Our Health & Safety 

At Green Bridge, Health and Safety are fundamental principles and are incorporated into every workday. These principles are integrated into all our daily operations.


By instituting a comprehensive HSE management system with thorough training for supervisory staff, and continuous leadership involvement, we ensure projects are completed in the safest, most responsible manner possible. 


On our jobsite crews hold mandatory daily meetings to address present HS&E issues and ensure our workers adhere to our safety commitments, guaranteeing that we maintain a culture of safety first.


Safety-related incidents are predictable and avoidable.


Green Bridge’s HSE Program includes:

  • Corporate Safety Policy

  • Workplace rules and Safety Requirements

  • Hazard Assessment and Identification

  • Environmental Policies and procedures

  • On-going work orientation, training and education, and communication

  • Job-specific safe work practices and procedures

  • Equipment operation and maintenance practices and procedures

  • Emergency management and response systems and procedures


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